Real Money Casino with Top Blackjack Proposals

Every gambler knows BJ is the most breathtaking and beloved game ever. Especially, when we are talking about an online real money casino. What is more, almost all these gambling sites give you a chance to entertain for free. Thus, you can try just for fun and, at the same time, get used to the main strategies.

21 arcade appeared three centuries ago in European betting rooms and has immediately become a favorite one. There are many tactics, which you can learn and practice. Also, due to different playing styles and rules, this card amusement has a lot of variations. Discover whether the luck is on your side with one of the types.
Blackjack real money casino

Blackjack Options at A Real Money Casino

Despite many representatives available, the main game purpose is to overcome the Dealer’s hand. You need to reach a score as close to 21 as possible but not to overcome it.

The first thing that must be done before the game begins is bets placing. The broad limits are between $2 and $500. Then, each member receives 2 faced-up cards, their total sum is about 4-21. When you have an ace and any face item, this means you win by hitting blackjack. You will be paid 6:5 or 3:2 of the primary wagering.

If there are no results close to 21, you choose either to stand or do the second round. In the first case, you simply wait until the dealer gambles away. However, if you want to move on, you are granted an extra card that is added to your general amount. You are able to hit many times either. As soon as there is 22 or even more, you are not a winner.

Real Dealer

This alternative gives thrill seekers feeling of a land-based casino. Everything is carried out in the real time. Everyone watches a live dealer spreading the playing units. Usually, there are gorgeous females or handsome males in attractive uniforms. Every gambler can ask questions if needed and hear voice answers from a croupier.

Some online betting establishments even offer a live chat, so that players can communicate with each other.
Real money casino blackjack


Here almost all rules are the same as in the original blackjack. It differs in card dealing, namely splitting, hitting, and doubling. However, the main benefit is that every gambler enlarges a jackpot size. All bets contribute to the main prize, so the numbers here are really huge! Don’t miss your chances!

Other Game Types

Except for BJ kinds we’ve mentioned above, there are some others, which usually vary in rules. They are Atlantic City, Bonus, Double Exposure, European, Spanish, Vegas Downtown, and Vegas Strip Blackjack. Let’s find out what features are peculiar to the most renowned versions.

Atlantic City

This type is characterized by almost the smallest HE. It is about 0.35%. The game involves 8 decks of cards. Here, you are presented with both single and multi-hand picks. Still, the latter will cost you much more. A dealer keeps two playing components or cards at the very beginning and if he/she gets blackjack it’s done. The fun is over. Moreover, he/she also sticks to the fine 17.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure is performed with the help of 8 decks of cards as well. What’s more, croupier’s items are open. The HE is the biggest and comes to 0.69%. The blackjack is paid 1:1 and a distributor hits on 17 as well. It’s believed that this variant is the most difficult. Participants can double on 9, 10, and 11 after they are told to split.
Blackjack real cash casino

Vegas Downtown

This representative may be of two kinds, single and multi-hand. It will make you think your strategies over. Yet, the overall process remains the same as the classical one with two decks of cards and the HE of 0.38%. In this case, a dealer hits on soft 17. Thrill seekers can double their first gambling items.

Top Bonuses on The Offer

Generally speaking, there exist two major types of bonuses, cashable and non cashable. The first type of perks is available only after you invest some money to your casino account (first deposit, match, high roller).

The second ones include free spins, money and time and may be granted just after the registration. Also, you may be a lucky owner of the special daily, weekly or monthly offers, so keep checking the news.

However, remember about wagering requirements to get your winnings back.