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Today, online gambling offers you a whole lot of resources, especially if you choose a real money casino. These places make it possible for you to vie in most popular plays ever.

Except for some knowledge needed, roulette mostly is a game of chances. There are conflicting thoughts about its origin, but most historians believe this fun has appeared in France.

To be precise, everything happened in 1765 and since then, it has undergone lots of possible changes and modifications. Eventually, roulette became renowned and spread to other countries, creating new forms and patterns.
Best real money roulette casino

Common Roulette Types at A Real Money Casino

As has been noted, you may find different variations of this game, for instance, American and European types, which are the main on this list. However, there are also French, Live Dealer, multi-wheel, and high-stakes options. The distinguishing design of the wheel and the style of the party itself are the main reasons for such a division.

If you are aware of the main rules and betting techniques, you can participate in all of them. In general, their principles perform in a similar way where participants put bets on the wheel’s numbers and wait until it stops spinning in order to find out if they win or lose.

American Variant

It is famous across the universe, but only a few people know that American gamblers didn’t invent it. They have just altered the look of a standard roulette table and the way it should be run.
Thus, the major feature of this type is the existence of a 00 range. This characteristic makes it really distinctive and without equal. Such innovation heightens the house edge to 5.26%. In turn, it will lead you to master all the rules and tips. RTP here is 94.7%.

Besides, another difference of American alternative is the numbers arrangement, they are usually shown in pairs opposite one another. So are you motivated now?

Main Features of European

European amusement is a shining example of how risk lovers get a pretty big profit with little efforts. Although it looks like its American sister, there is one important difference in the layout. It has only one 0.

What is more, almost all online gambling houses present exactly this version to their visitors. Let’s work this out. The house edge is 2.7%, and if you put a single bet on one figure, your chances to win look like 1/37 because there are exactly 37 sector numbers on the cycle. Then, the RTP of this edition is 97.3%.

Thus, in case you’d like to get some cash prizes, you should probably pick it. Wish you luck!

Live Regime

The live edition allows fighting against actual contestants in real time just the same as playing at brick and mortar casinos. You also talk to other stakeholders in a chat. During the performance, you can see the roulette table and the live dealer spinning the wheel. This may be a gorgeous woman or a presentable man. The process becomes possible due to web cameras.
Roulette real money casino

3D Game

This analogue will whisk you away in the incredible atmosphere of real Vegas. You will be amazed by high-quality graphics, animation along with relaxing classical music. Moreover, it lets you watch the perfectly balanced wheel, different wagering options, and the roulette ball at the same time.

Play via Desktop and Mobile

Have you ever dreamt of having your dear roulette with you wherever you go? Thanks to the progress now we are able to play it on both computers and mobiles. This very game is completely improved and developed especially for modern smartphones no matter what platform you are bound to, Kindle, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Android.

You are going to be impressed by numerous opportunities and multifunctional software. You can gamble at instant casinos directly in the browser or simply download gaming apps on your phone or freeware programs on the PC.

Most Reliable Providers

Roulette entertainments at online real money betting houses are presented only by the most reliable and world-famous software developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, NextGen Gaming, Rival, BetSoft, and Ezugi.

Free Mode

Are you a rookie? If yes, then this method is absolutely yours. No worries, no buzzing background, no risks and no real cash. Here you are just learning how to act in this big round with virtual funds and simultaneously you are enjoying the show. Have fun!
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List of Accessible Bonuses

There are a lot of recreation sites that present promotions to their guests. They usually divide all of the perks into no deposit and deposit. In order to obtain the first one, you need to get registered and certify your e-mail. Then you are given a certain amount, free time or free spins.

The second type is also parted into match, and first-time incentives. This is where it really gets interesting. Match awards may be 100%, 50% and even 300%, everything depends on the wagering house. If you bet $200 and you are given a 100% bonus, you get extra $200, but if you are given 50%, then you have half of your sum that is additional $100.

Of course, you cannot withdraw your cash bonuses immediately, you have to play them through several times. It’s called wagering requirements. They appear to be 20x, 30x, 40x and 50x. Well, in case you got $50 with a 10x betting charge, it means you will have to wager $500 before taking away this money.