Real Money Casino – Best VIP Club Offers

If you visit a regular casino, you may notice that all players who sit at the table for a long time are offered free drinks. No matter what stakes they play. You may think this is a kind of polite gesture whereas, in fact, it is a part of the bonus system.

The online real money casinos can not offer you free drinks or a hotel room, but they certainly can award you with many other benefits. For example, additional points for a definite amount of placed bets, which can be subsequently exchanged for cash or free spins in slots, as well as membership in a VIP reward club.

Every online house has its own rules and requirements for gaining this status. First and foremost, a gambler must be a betting room customer for a certain time period. In addition, he or she needs to spend a considerable sum of money or accumulate a deposit established by the administration.
VIP casino for real money

Different Levels of Membership

When it comes to benefits in casinos for real cash, the most ordinary misconception is that they are suitable only for high stakes players. However, loyalty programs are available to thrill seekers of all ranges just for their dedication to a particular betting website.

Depending on the house, there can be several levels of a membership. The most common number is three. They are usually named after colors or precious metals like gold and silver. The higher is the player’s position, the more points and/or bonuses he/she gets. In most cases, the loyalty ranks correlate to the total amount of rates made by the client for a certain period. The more you bet, the higher you go on the status ladder.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the most typical benefits and complimentary gifts.

Customer Support Service with A Personal Manager

The on topic clubs systems are frequently changed and updated, so VIP risk lovers are often awarded with personal managers who inform them about the latest events, exclusive tournaments, and competitions. These assistants also respond to customer’s questions and can always provide good advice in any situation. In addition, managers help their clients solve most of the technical or financial problems.
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Exclusive Games and Bonuses at Real Money Casino

Also, VIP status guarantees you receiving invitations to the special games, which are inaccessible to ordinary players. Plus, you’ll get an opportunity to become one of the first to try all the new slots, video poker, table amusements, etc.

Higher Table Limits

Another benefit offered by various reward clubs is the ability to play with higher table limits. The stakes in these games vary from $50 to $50,000. However, the bigger is the bet, the bigger is the prize.

Lower Wagering

When you use bonuses like free spins or money, pay extra attention to the wagering requirements that allow you to benefit. For example, you are given a $20 gift, but the restrictions associated with it say you should bet at least 30 times before you can take your cash earning.

So, even if you win on your first spin, you’ll have to play additional 29 times to get access to your money. This is the most common rule; however, there may be other restrictions like the limited amount of games to play, etc. Of course, if you have a chance to become a member of a reward club that offers lower wagering, you should definitely use it.
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Comp Points

The word “comp” comes from the “complimentary,” which means “free” and “on the house.” Comp points are given to players for their placed bets. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose; they get their rewards anyway. As soon as the specified amount of these perks is acquired they can be exchanged for cash. A good loyalty program can offer you a higher exchange rate, so you can get more money for them.

Invitations to Special Events

When you are a part of a VIP system you must get used to receiving various invitations to marvelous tournaments and special events. Participating in these contests can help you get to know other thrillers and gain the unforgettable gambling experience.